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“The best essays in Geography include a research question that requires the investigation of relevant geographical relationships, or the identification of spatial patterns or temporal trends”(IB Geography Extended Essay Report – May 2003).
This means you should;
· Base the idea for your essay on work you have covered in your Geography class – that way it will cover “relevant geographical relationships”.
· Consider the following key words; reasons, impact/effect, change, comparison, evaluation. A good essay – that covers “spatial patterns or temporal trends” - will generally require you to investigate one or more of these ideas.

“Most of the very best essays had a research question that could be answered only through the analysis of detailed primary or secondary data”(IB Geography Extended Essay Report – May 2003). Geography is all about evidence, and you will only produce a good essay if it includes a considerable amount of reliable evidence.

Candidates should be made aware that the findings of surveys simply reflect opinion and cannot be considered as established fact.
Candidates should be encouraged to draw their own maps, either by hand or by using information technology.
The best essays showed considerable insight into contemporary geographic issues and this approach should be encouraged. (IB Extended Essay Report November 2012)

Candidates are advised to focus on a single, clearly-worded research question. Weaknesses in the formulation of the research question, or the overuse of separate hypotheses, inevitably make it difficult for the candidate’s essay to remain focussed. (IB Extended Essay Report May 2012)

Candidates and supervisors should be reminded that having a clear spatial element in their essay (going beyond mere location on a map) is absolutely essential. (IB Extended Essay Report May 2012)

Here is the guide for writing an Extended Essay as suggested by the IB:
Here are some suggested Extended Essay titles:

To help you create your Extended Essay Title please refer to this help sheet courtesy of GEOGRAPHYALLTHEWAY



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