Julian L.Simon

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Julian was born on the 12thof February 1932; he studied experimental at Harvard University (1953), then he studied an MBA at University of Chicago (1959), and in 1961 he did a PhD at the University of Chicago on business economics.

Later on he became a professor of business administration at the University of Maryland, and a business professor at the University of Illinois.

Simon wrote many books and articles, mostly on economic subjects. But he is best known for his book “The ultimate resource”, here he talks about population, natural resources, immigration, politics, and his theory on population. He suggests that population growth will not necessarily lead to resource depletion, actually the largest the human population becomes, and the more people become educated, our chances for innovation and solving problems increases, so when a natural resource becomes more scarce and its price rises, the increasing pressure for finding more of this resource will eventually lead us to find more of it or we will develop a substitute.
“The “ultimate resource” is not any particular physical object but the capacity for humans to invent and adapt.”

"The most important benefit of population size and growth is the increase it brings to the stock of useful knowledge"

Julian Simon's theory of population suggest that population growth does not neccesssarily lead to reource depletion. Simon argues that our notions of increasing resourcce-svarcity ignore the long term declines in wage-adjusted raw material prices. He believed that human innovation can satisfy many problems. He argued that water and air quality had improved in recent decade, despite increasing population. Increasing wealth and technology make more resources available


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